Pharmacy is changing, are you?

Don’t let the recent trends of digitalisation & consumerisation distract you from what you do best. Medihive, Welcome Tomorrow.
Why Medihive?

How Partnering with Medihive Helps

We optimise the delivery of additional services like vaccinations, testing, and treatment of minor ailments both in-pharmacy & remotely.

Time Savings

Maximise your pharmacy’s finite availability while avoiding stress with our scheduling software that generates up to €3,000 per pharmacy in operational time savings.

Reduce no shows and delayed wait times in-pharmacy with our pre-screen and suitability in-take forms.

Cope with staff shortages by automating mundane tasks such as new patient registrations and MI reports, at clinic, regional or chain level.

Retain & Grow Customers

Expand your customer offering with new products and services such as vaccinations, home testing, and consultations.

Dedicated patient portals allow your customers to manage their bookings online, share documents, and communicate securely.

Partnering with Medihive means your customer growth is no longer limited to your physical location.


Realise your virtual pharmacy vision through our secure platform, delivering new services in-pharmacy, enhanced telemedicine opportunities and online payments.

With a digital platform, individual pharmacists can handle a wider variety of tasks with comparatively little time and effort

Create a seamless user experience with our easy to integrate solution.

Experts In Our Field

Medihive combines digital and clinical knowhow to bring clients and their end users high-quality virtual care on a global scale.







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